Executive Body


  • Working committee: Comprises of 7 office bearers, viz., One President, One Vice President, One Secretary, One Joint Secretary, One Treasure, 2 Executive Members.
  • Sub-Committees: As per the requirement from time to time, the EC can form such committee from amongst the members of the general body members.
  • As the foundation is formed with no Profit Motive and no commercial activities involved, none of the office bearers is required to be paid any remuneration from the foundation or otherwise.

Working Committee

  • To convene executive (Working) committee meetings to plan and co-ordinate various activities of the foundation AND release instruction/Guidelines to the sub committees.
  • To form sub-committees as and when required. The activities of the sub-committees will be ratified by the EC as and when required.
  • To decide the quantum and modalities of collecting funds under various heads from members and investing the same and spending the same OR revenue there from for undertaking various activities of the foundation.
  • Operation of Bank accounts be as per Clause (B) (II)
    1. Admission Fee Rs.200 per member.
    2. Membership Fee Rs. 600. (Can be paid in 2/3 instalments)


  • Member: All individuals carrying ‘PALAKODETY’or ‘Palakodeti’ as surname (or Last Name vide other countries practice) are eligible to become members. Member includes
  • Self *His/her Spouse *Un-Married Children
  • If any member defaults in payment of annual membership for 2 consecutive years he/she would be unable to vote or participate in the proceeding of the foundation.
  • Patrons: Those members who have interests in the activities in the Foundation and make huge donations to the cause of the objectivities of the Foundation.
  • Financial Year: The period from April to March shall constitute a year.
  • The General Body can ratify the membership of others who are either co-opted or invited to be members of the Foundation by the EC.

Terms of office of members of committee:
Elected members of EC will hold office for a period of 2 years. At the end of every 2 year term new committee members will be elected in the annual general body meeting held once in 2 years. There will be only one vote for one enrolled member.

In the event of resignation, long absence, death etc. of any office bearer, the working committee can co-opt any other member of the foundation to fill the vacancy thus created.

If any EC Member absents himself/herself for any two consecutive meetings he/she shall forfeit the right to continue in the position. The vacancy thus created can be filled by the EC in consultation of other members

Quorum of the EC body will be 5 of the EC members. For the general body the quorum will be 1/3rd or 15 of the attended members whichever is minimum.

Any dispute against the foundation shall be settled with in the territorial jurisdiction courts of Hyderabad (AP, India).

Winding Up:
In the event of winding up by merger, amalgamation, etc., of the foundation, its assets and liabilities shall be transferred to assets/liabilities of any other association/trust/board, etc., with similar ideals and objectives as of the Foundation.